About OmicsNet

There are two main motivations for developing OmicsNet: 1) to support multi-omics integration through network-based visual analytics approach. Significant molecules identified in each omics layer can be entered to create composite networks for visual exploration and hypothesis generation; and 2) to address the "hairball" issue associated with visualization of large biological networks. An extra dimension together with different layouts and visualization effects could help make the network more accessible.


  • Web-native graphics: The network visualization was developed using the powerful three.js JavaScript library to tap into the powerful built-in WebGL technology.
  • Web Platform: The web application has been developed based on JavaServer Faces (JSF) using libraries below: PrimeFaces and jQuery EasyUI.
  • Statistcal Analysis: The network creation and statistical analyses are based on R (3.5.1) using the following R packages: RSQLite, igraph, and RJSONIO.

Troubleshooting Requests:

    Please read the instructions below:
  1. Have you read the FAQs?
    These resources provides detailed explainations for common questions. Please go throught them to see if your questions are already answered there.
  2. Have you tried our example data to see if the issue still exists?
    Most time the issue is related to your own data. Although we try to give informative error messages during data upload, there are always exceptions. We offered mulitple example datasets, please choose the one that matches your data type to see if the issue still appears. If not, it means your data may not be formatted properly. Please download the example dataset, open it in excel or a text editor to see the details.
  3. Did you provide enough details so that the issue can be reproduced?
    Remote troubleshooting requires more information in order to figure out the exact cause of the issue. Please indicate which example data you used or provide a copy of your data, document every step you have performed that will lead to the issue. Sometimes it will be better to provide screenshots.
  4. Please send your email with the required information to: guangyan.zhou [at] mail.mcgill.ca or jeff.xia [at] mcgill.ca
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