Multi-omics Integration via Biological Networks

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News & Updates

  • Please reach us through OmicsForum to ask questions related to OmicsNet.
  • Check out our paper on OmicsNet 2.0 now available on Nucleic Acids Research
  • JS code refactoring for improved performance (06/07/2022)
  • Fixed an issue with peak network generation (05/15/2022)
  • Upgraded R version to 4.1.3 (05/14/2022)
  • Improved messages based on results from database searching and API calls (04/25/2022)
  • Added support for genomic coordinates for SNP input (04/19/2022)
  • Updated FAQs and Gallery, added a new tutorial on IBD case study (04/05/2022)
  • Added support to allow users to browse, search and manually remove edges or nodes from individual omics networks (04/01/2022);
  • Added support for adding only edges when using PPI databases (03/25/2022);
  • Added R command history for more reproducible analysis (03/17/2022);
  • Added support for tissue-based filtering to improve network accuracy (03/15/2022);
  • Fixed a bug for network file upload based on user feedback (03/01/2022);
  • Improved interface for network building (02/15/2022);
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Citing OmicsNet

  • Zhou, G., Pang Z., Lu, Y., Ewald, J. and Xia, J. (2022) "OmicsNet 2.0: a web-based platform for multi-omics integration and network visual analytics" Nucleic Acids Research (doi:10.1093/nar/gkac376).
  • Zhou, G. and Xia, J. (2018) "Using OmicsNet for Network Integration and 3D Visualization" Current Protocols in Bioinformatics (doi:10.1002/cpbi.69).
  • Zhou, G. and Xia, J. (2018) "OmicsNet - a web-based tool for creation and visual analysis of biological networks in 3D space" Nucleic Acids Research (doi:10.1093/nar/gky510).
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