Integrating multi-omics data via knowledge-based networks
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  • ID types: Entrez, Ensembl, Uniprot, KO or gene symbol


  • ID types: Ensembl, Uniprot, Gene symbol

Transcription factors

  • ID types: Entrez, Ensembl, Uniprot or gene symbol


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  • Formats: .sif, .graphml, .json or .txt (edge list)

News & Updates

  • Consolidated interface and functions between 2D and 3D network visualization (06/08/2021);
  • Fixed the issue in creating secondary network and improved 2D network visualization (06/02/2021);
  • Upgraded to PrimeFaces 10 (04/27/2021);
  • Bug fix for network upload and enrichment analysis (03/22/2021);
  • Added support for node and edge adding feature (02/18/2021);
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Project Objectives

OmicsNet has been developed to address three needs: 1) systems analysis of a single list of molecules; 2) integrative analysis of multiple lists of different types of molecules; and 3) intuitive web-based 2D/3D visualization. OmicsNet supports four types of molecular interactions - PPI, TF-gene, miRNA-gene and metabolite-protein. The 3D network visualization was implemented based on the innovative WebGL technology. Users can perform various style customization, enrichment analysis, targeted interactor search, and network toplology analysis for hypothesis generation and systems-level insights.

Citing OmicsNet

  • Zhou, G. and Xia, J. (2018) "Using OmicsNet for Network Integration and 3D Visualization" Current Protocols in Bioinformatics (doi:10.1002/cpbi.69).
  • Zhou, G. and Xia, J. (2018) "OmicsNet - a web-based tool for creation and visual analysis of biological networks in 3D space" Nucleic Acids Research (doi:10.1093/nar/gky510).
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