OmicsNet is a tool to explore multi-omics data within the context of molecular interaction knowledge. It accepts a single or multiple list(s) of mRNAs, transcription factors (TFs), miRNAs or metabolites as well as less established omics types including microbial taxa, MS peaks and single nuclear polymorphism (SNP) data. Different types of biological networks can be easily created using multiple built-in molecular interaction databases on PPI, TF-gene, miRNA-mRNA and metabolite-protein interactions. Users can explore the results in 3D force-directed layout, 2D perspective layout, as well as spherical layout, with built-in supports for functional, topological and integrative analysis.

Flow Chart

Some 3D network visualization generated by OmicsNet (more available from our Gallery):
Flow Chart
Left: force-directed layout (with edge bundling and halo effect);    Middle: multi-layered layout (for multi-omics integration);    Right: module layout (inset on the bottom left showing a highlighted module)
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