Update History

  • Added support to project currently highlighted nodes into a different layer (03/27/2019);
  • Detailed protocols on how to use OmicsNet is now available in Current Protocols in Bioinformatics (12/17/2018);
  • Minor bug fixing for more informative error messages (10/15/2018);
  • Code cleaning and feature enhancement (07/30/2018);
  • Fixed the issue with HMDB ID mapping (07/10/2018);
  • Updated OmicsNet logo and code cleaning (06/20/2018);
  • Enhanced color scheme and added better graphML example for demo (06/18/2018);
  • Fixed issue with mouse metabolite list upload (06/10/2018);
  • Added more browser detection method for incompatible versions (05/20/2018);
  • Updated home page for better user experience (05/12/2018);
  • Added a gallery page to show visual effects (05/07/2018);
  • Added animation functions for layered and sphere layouts (05/05/2018);
  • Bug fixes for edge bundling and performance improvement (05/03/2018);
  • Fixed issues with node deletion and size change after switching between different subnetworks (04/30/2018);
  • Added feature to allow batch selection and highlighting of arbiturary list of nodes (04/28/2018);
  • Updated FAQs and tutorials to synchronize with recent changes (04/25/2018);
  • Added parameter summary for network building and customization (04/24/2018);
  • Minor bug fixes and interface improvement (04/21/2018);
  • Added support for uploading plain .txt file containing edge lists (04/19/2018);
  • Added support for halo effect for highlighting seed nodes (04/18/2018);
  • Implemented premade shading models for improved user experience and performance (04/15/2018);
  • Added support for edge bundling to reduce edge crossing in large networks (04/10/2018);
  • Added support for expression values in graph files (03/18/2018);
  • Fixed bugs when users upload graphML files (03/12/2018);
  • Updated Network Builder page to allow fine control over the composite network (03/04/2018);
  • Fixed issues with computing arc (edge) height for spherical layout (02/20/2018);
  • Added support for setting background color and dragging each layer (02/10/2018);
  • Minor interface updates, code cleaning and performance tuning (01/20/2018)
  • Added support for shortest paths analysis and visualization (01/15/2018)
  • Added functions for communicty detection and shortest paths analysis (12/20/2017)
  • Added Tutorials and updated FAQs (12/12/2017)
  • Added support for edge opacity adjustment (11/25/2017)
  • Enhanced Error Message Display when WebGL is not supported (11/20/2017)
  • Added support for edge thickness adjustment (11/15/2017)
  • Added support for adjusting node colors based on different topological measures (10/25/2017)
  • Added support for spherical layout (10/02/2017)
  • Code cleaning and performance tuning for large network rendering (09/10/2017)
  • Added support for graphML and SIF data upload (08/25/2017);
  • Added support for layered layout for multiple omics data (08/15/2017);
  • Refactoring the JavaScript code to reduce memory consumption (07/20/2017);
  • Added support for dynamic search for drugs and TFs from current network (06/24/2017)
  • Added support for node shading effect (05/31/2017)
  • Interface updates and code cleaning. Added Reset function (05/24/2017)
  • Initial prototype of OmicsNet and website setup (05/21/2017)
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